Why Not to Subcontract Your Own Pool

Top 8 Reasons Why NOT to Subcontract Your Own Pool

1- Unforeseen Circumstances: Most unforeseen circumstances are actually underground. Soil conditions can change how a pool is built. Soft Soil, Rock, fill ground versus native ground, and slopes can all change how the pool and where the pool is built.

2-Quality Control: Everyone wants the highest quality when building their dream pool. If you do not know the product, you tend to rely on your contractor to make the decision for you and to only use the best.

3-Dealing with the Building Department: Pulling Permits and getting your project inspected is very tedious and can get costly.

4-Engineering Issues: Swimming Pool plans require a ton of engineering. If you do not correctly obtain engineering and create a correct engineering plan, you may have  issues with permitting. Engineering issues can get very expensive every quickly if not done correctly

5-Warranty: Without a Business relation with contractors, it can be very difficult to have someone come back to fix an issue.

6-Supervision: Its easier to tell people what to do and how to do it, then it is to to do it yourself.  Most of your time while building your own pool will be spent just watching people work.

7-Design: Not all design types can work in every area.

8- Costs, Costs, Overall Costs: Sadly, there are contractors out there who take advantage of people who are trying to build their pool themselves. Some contractors many run wild with costs because you have no control when you do not have a business relationship with them.